The Legendary Monte Cristo.

Named as “one of the best sandwiches in America” by Esquire Magazine, the Monte Cristo of Canter’s Deli has gathered quite the reputation. Slices of ham, turkey, and swiss cheese are sandwiched between 2 slices of french toast. Covered in powered sugar served with a side of cranberry jam and fruit cocktail, how could I resist giving it a shot?

The plate came… It looked beautiful.


The photo doesn’t do the aesthetics of this sandwich justice…

Unfortunately, despite the hype… The delectable looking Monte Cristo was quite a disappointment. As I’ve also read in another review, the sandwich was a lot drier than I would have expected. With alternating ham and turkey layers, I came to find that there was just way too much meat in the sandwich, that it overpowered any complementary flavors that the french toast and swiss cheese may have added.

After eating the first 1/4 of the sandwich… I had no interest in having anymore.

So… I got this instead.


Oh yes… The corned beef reuben!

Although it doesn’t match the reuben from Magee’s, it definitely compensated for the earlier disappointment. I don’t know if my obvious disappoinment was noticed by the waitress, but the reuben that she brought over was even better than the last one I had from Canter’s. It was juicy, fresh, and oozing with flavor.

The waitress proceeded to give us a couple of free chocolate-chip Rugelachs on the house.

So… Despite my dislike for the Legendary Monte Cristo, Canter’s definitely made it’s way back up my list of awesome restaurants with their delicioius reuben, rugelach, and of course… the kind service.



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  1. Enrique Enfuego said

    Hit up this site:

    This is the pastrami from Johnnie’s:


    btw, I’m stealing the hot dog post

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