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The one with a hole…

Ah, the “Puka Dog.”

Started in Kauai, the “Puka Dog” has gained popularity due to being featured on various programs on the Food and Travel channels and has opened up a shop in the heart of Waikiki. The “Puka Dog” is essentially a polish dog (or veggie dog for you non-enjoyers-of delicious-dead-animal) that is placed into Hawaiian sweet bread with special sauces. The thing that makes this hot dog unique is in the way its prepared.

The bread is impaled onto a large steel spike that is connected to the rolling oven that the hot dogs are placed through. This does two things: a) it ensures the bread is nice and warm and b) it creates a large hole, or “puka” (Poo-Kah). Once the meat (or meat substitute) is passed through the oven, the employee behind the condiments bar begins filling the bread with the sauces of your choosing. I had the “Hot-Hot” (Habanero) version of their “secret lemon-garlic sauce,” papaya relish, and lilikoi (passion fruit) mustard. After squirting the condiments into the bun, the hot dog is placed within and a small amount of each sauce is placed on top.

The Puka Dog I had was fairly tasty, although the hotness of the Habanero sauce was sadly countered by the sweetness of the bun, the papaya relish, and the lilikoi mustard. The papaya relish wasn’t so much a relish as it was a thin, albeit tasty, yellowish liquid sauce. The lilikoi mustard was sweet yet tangy and tasted more like the fruit counterpart than the mustard, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Overall the Puka Dog was fairly tasty and with my Kama’aina (local) discount about $5-6, which isn’t too bad considering its smack in the heart of Waikiki AKA Tourist Central. The employee at the register was nice and friendly and explained everything to me, although it was very clear she was trying to rush out and go on break. The other emplyee, on the other hand, who was stationed at the condiments was as sour and anti-social as you can get. When I asked what her favorite or most popular sauces were, she flat out ignored my question and continued onto making my puka dog as fast as she could, all while wearing the classic “I hate my job” expression on her face.

Would I recommend it?

Sure, the sauces were tasty and not too overpowering of each other (although i would have personally preferred a little more heat in the Habanero sauce) and the sweetness of the Hawaiian sweet bread just further adds to it. It is also the cleanest hot dog I have ever eaten as I managed to eat the whole thing without spilling a drop, which is surprising as I’m somewhat of a sloppy eater.

So if you’re in the area and crave something sweet yet savory, by all means, try a Puka Dog. Just don’t expect it to change your life.

4 (out of 5)



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What happens when a Mexican Taco and a Korean BBQ get it on?

You get a Kogi. A taco truck that serves Korean BBQ Tacos.

Enough said.

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