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by Erte, 1983.

by Erte, 1983. If I was art, and this dude was a chick, it would be me.


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San Francisco Treats.

Top Five Reasons to Spend Money in SF:

1. Michael Mina.

Why its fucking awesome:

At Michael Mina, food isn’t just served-its explored. The one at the Westin St. Francis Hotel is pricey, but its damn worth it. One of my favorite reasons why is because of the way they allow you to experience the different ways a food item can be prepared. Lets break it down.

           -meal item: Duck

           -cooking style: three different ways: ex:

Liberty Valley Duck ~ Foie Gras 

  • Breast, Parsnip Purée, Star Anise Jus 

  • Seared Foie Gras, Pink Lady Apples, Laird Brandy Gastrique 

  • Leg Rillettes, Apple Butter, Mixed Greens 

           -presentation: a tri-sectioned porcelain plate, each section filled with a version of the meal item. 

2. Barbambino

This little bistro in the Mission area will trump any other pasta you’ve had.. unless you’ve been to Italy. Also proof that taste doesn’t have to be complicated to be amazing. Three things:

          1.   Pasta Pomodoro.

Simply basil and the FRESHEST tomatoes ever. with angel hair pasta. don’t be jaded by the lack of ingredients… the fact that everything is freshly made makes it a memorable and savory meal. 

           2.  Sourdough toast with poached egg and freshly shaved parmesan

           3.  Eggplant Parmigiana balls.  

3. Bong Suk

Upscale Vietnamese cuisine. The menu is even organized by region. Interesting flavor combinations, and the rare experience of eating ginko nuts whole.

They make a persimmon and wild mushroom salad. And their spring rolls are served with mint and basil leaves, with a very different sweet and sour sauce… one of the few times I have actually wanted to eat pork. 

They also make this chicken dish using five spices, served with mashed plantains and fried rice pancakes. 

menu is changed daily, so each dining experience is unique.

4. Limon

I’ve only been twice, but the food here is still on my mind. Armenian style. Best Empanadas EVER.

5. Zuni

Famous for roasted chicken and bread salad. The chicken in particular takes 45 minutes to make, as it is slow roasted over the bread, so that the bread absorbs the chicken juice. 

Cookbook author Judy Rogers suggests that you save the leftovers from this particular dish, and use it in a risotto. 

I love meals that keep giving. Gives you more reason to pay a little more… its like meal grocery.

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Toy Food.

If you’re like me… Aka. A person who eats anything and everything in sight… as long as it looks edible… Then this video may be for you.

Who’s comes up with something like this?! I thought it was pretty cool.


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News Update: Man Wanted for Hit & Run.

Man wanted for numerous hit & run acts committed on innocent civilians about to eat.

In other news… Andy Samberg cracks me up every time.


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Artery Party.

It hurts so good.

The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe.

This is just heaven.

Woah. Burrito.

Rice Crispy Treat. 60 Lbs.


And the list goes on.

I can’t tell if I’m disgusted or inspired.


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The Reuben.

The Corned Beef that I grew up with in the Philippines, was far different from the fresh cooked beef brisket you find in a reuben sandwich. I grew up with the canned corned beef that you eat for breakfast, sautéed with garlic and onions, and served with a an egg sunny-side up and garlic rice. Which is delicious in it’s own way.

But when St. Patrick’s day came around, suddenly I was confronted by a type of corned beef I’d never encountered before. This slab of cured and seasoned beef brisket that was moist and bursting with flavor. I was hooked.

Last week, I was wandering about the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market on 3rd Street. I don’t visit the farmer’s market as often as I should… And as I was wandering about the selection of various brunch options, I came across a stall called Magee’s, which was said to be known for their corned beef. Immediately, I found myself drifting towards the fresh brisket, thinking how sad it was that nobody was around to eat it. Despite my attempt to find breakfast food, I knew I couldn’t resist having it.

So, I opted for the Rueben Sandwich. That would be closer to breakfast than the whole meat and potatoes deal.


I apologize for the picture quality! It’ just me and my dinky digital camera! But this reuben was phenomenal! Served on rye with fresh sauerkraut, swiss cheese, mustard, with a pickle on the side. If heaven was juicy… This would be it.


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Cooking with Dog.

Francis, the dog, teaches you how to make authentic Japanese dishes while listening to classical music. Japanese food is so hard to make… and yet somehow… Francis can do it.

Ridiculous, but delicious. I laughed.


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