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The Reuben.

The Corned Beef that I grew up with in the Philippines, was far different from the fresh cooked beef brisket you find in a reuben sandwich. I grew up with the canned corned beef that you eat for breakfast, sautéed with garlic and onions, and served with a an egg sunny-side up and garlic rice. Which is delicious in it’s own way.

But when St. Patrick’s day came around, suddenly I was confronted by a type of corned beef I’d never encountered before. This slab of cured and seasoned beef brisket that was moist and bursting with flavor. I was hooked.

Last week, I was wandering about the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market on 3rd Street. I don’t visit the farmer’s market as often as I should… And as I was wandering about the selection of various brunch options, I came across a stall called Magee’s, which was said to be known for their corned beef. Immediately, I found myself drifting towards the fresh brisket, thinking how sad it was that nobody was around to eat it. Despite my attempt to find breakfast food, I knew I couldn’t resist having it.

So, I opted for the Rueben Sandwich. That would be closer to breakfast than the whole meat and potatoes deal.


I apologize for the picture quality! It’ just me and my dinky digital camera! But this reuben was phenomenal! Served on rye with fresh sauerkraut, swiss cheese, mustard, with a pickle on the side. If heaven was juicy… This would be it.



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