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All This Talk of Rare Sharks is Making Me Hungry.

A rare Megamouth shark discovered off of the coast of Donsol was caught by Filipino fisherman and… Well… They ate it.

Check out the article!

Oh, and here’s a recipe for Kinunot. Just in case you come across a rare shark of your own.

There’s nothing like catching a fish big enough to feed your family… your extended family… your friends… your enemies… all at once!

This article cracked me up. Feeling like I could relate, I recalled a snorkeling trip I was on with my brother, pointing out to every fish in sight and asking him if we could eat it.

However, as humorous as this article may be, another interesting observation is the lifestyle led in 3rd world countries. While many people may frown upon the act of eating a rare shark, commenting on the ignorance of these fishermen, what they fail to recognize is the quality of living that these people may have to face daily. Survival can be difficult, and food often scarce, that the preservation of rare animals doesn’t often take priority over one’s own survival.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still find all this pretty fucking funny! Us Filipinos do looooooove to eat. 🙂



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